Mortgage Consultation for Business Owners

Service Descriptions

Mortgage Consultation for Business Owner(s)

Being a business owner is a challenging career. You must find your own income, pay both your business and your own expenses.

One thing you may not know in the eye of a Financier as a Director of a Pte Ltd company or Self-employed running a Sole proprietorship or Partnership company is that your income(s) is recalculated with a “cut”.

As such, what you originally thought to be eligible for your mortgage loan, becoming invalidated. Worse off, your annual income is fluctuative.

Let Finnex overcome this obstacle with the proper recommendation and get you what you deserved with accordance to MAS Guidelines.

What to expect:

Mortgage Consultant Journey


Understanding your requirement


Loan Eligibility and Assessment

Action plans for loan success will be catered if there are one or some criteria that is detrimental for your loan application.


Sizing your palate (suitability of package type)


Understanding Mortgage Loan and its processes and all types of requirements and fees


Comparing & Applying (Optional & Free!)

Key Highlights​

Loan for the purchase of new property, completed or building under construction (B.U.C).

Switching your loan from the current Financier to another Financier. Expect conveyance cost and valuation cost, usually can be partly or wholly subsidized by Financier’s package in a moment in time.