Merger & Acquisition

Service Descriptions

Merger & Acquisition Consultation

You have already found a buyer to buy part or whole of your business OR you have already found a seller to sell part of whole of their business

What you lack of is the right experts to see through the entire process from Business Valuation to Financial and Legal Due Diligences to Negotiation on the Terms & Conditions to Drafting of the Sales & Purchase Agreement and the payment schedules both parties can agree to reasonably.

Fret not! Finnex and its strategic partners offers the right expertise to this area to ensure your interests are maximized reasonably.

What to expect:

Key Highlights​

It is performed by a couple of approaches namely, Discounted Cash Flow Approach, Net Asset Valuation Approach & Market Valuation Approach

Litigation, Ownerships, General, Permits & Licensing, Intellectual Property, Material Assets, Contracts & Product/Service

Financial Statements, Cash Flow Statements, Taxation (Corporate & GSTs), Detailed Accounts Receivables & Payables and Financial Health Checks

Up to 3 drafts that comprises of the key take-back from both buyer and seller terms and concerns.

Structure reasonably on the payment for the sale or purchase of business at client’s advantage reasonably, mutually agreeable.