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Understanding the Key Differences & Utility between LC and SBLC

Earlier in our article on Trade Finance, we have mentioned the different types of letter of credit. Here, you will get to understand them deeper and the differences and key usage of between LC and SBLC.Both the regular letter of credit (LC) and standby letter of credit (SBLC) are payment instruments used in international trade.A

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Alternative ways to get your business finance in Singapore

Based on the article from Business Times dated September 2018, start-up businesses will have a challenging feat in trying to obtain a loan when they are less than 3 years in operations. What is not mentioned there is that even if your business is more than 3 years in operations, you may not be eligible

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SME Loan Guide 101 – Be Savvy

If you are an SME owner, there is a high chance you would have encountered finance-related issues when running your business at some point in time. In this detailed guide, we will do an overview in order to understand the SME loan and financing landscape in Singapore and the challenges involved in business financing. Our

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Import/Export Practices and Effective Uses of Letter of Credit

Given Singapore’s market dominance in the import/export trade, it has well-defined import/export procedures in place. Detailed below is an overview of the various aspects of trading in Singapore including opening a customs account, applying for licenses and permits, types of goods that can be imported/exported, taxes and fees, trade financing options, cargo clearance procedures, goods

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Trade Finance for SMEs in Singapore

​ Trade finance in Singapore is the lubricant oiling the engines of SMEs as long as there is a supplier and a customer relationship. Trade financing in its simplest form is the activity where the exporter gets paid (or is guaranteed a payment) for the goods before shipping it to the importer. However, the importer

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