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Property Term Loan

Usually after the lock-in period with your Financier, you will have the choices to select:

Refinancing : Switching the financing Financier from current one to another.

Repricing : Negotiate with your current Financier for a better package than the one current served.

Apart from these two choices, the third choice would be Property Term Loan where a term loan is derived from that unencumbered (paid up) value of your property. This can be used to finance your investment or your business if you are a business owner. 

Funding Overview

1 Loan Quantum Up to 75% (residential property) & Up to 80% (commercial property)
of property value, Interest Servicing is possible
2 Interest Rate Depending on the current mortgage rates offer by the Lenders
3 Processing Fee $0 to 2% of approved loan value
4 Repayment Period Up to 25 years depending on property leasehold,
weighted age of mortgagors capped at age 75 years old

Application Criteria


• A company incorporated in Singapore for at least 2 years with minimally 30% local shareholdings (Singaporean and/or PR)

• A company with active business operations for more than 2 years

• A company that has an existing corporate account with active transactions in the last 6 months

• A company with Profit & Loss Balance Sheet records for the last 2 years

Documents to Submit

For pre-assessment, we will need the following documents:

1. NRIC of property owner(s)

2. Individual Income Tax Notice of Assessment (NOA) of property owner(s) & directors/sole-proprietor/partners of the company

3. Company bank statements of the latest 6 months

4. Company financial reports/statements for the latest 2 years

5. Letter of Offer of current financier

6. Latest statement of account of the current property loan

Other documents required will be further requested upon engagement.

Start Your Application Today!

Start Your Application Today!

We help our clients obtain the right financial assistance by objectively assessing their business profile and documents before finding the most suitable financial institutions that could give them the highest loan approval chances.

We also try to get the best deal for our clients by looking for the lowest interest rates in the market, but this could still vary depending on the company’s financial standing and profile.

If your company is not able to qualify for a loan at the moment, we also advise on what areas you can improve in order to qualify in the future.

How to Apply

• Fill out the form. This will help our Business Consultants get an overview of your business finance.

• Give us 1-2 working days to review your details and contact you to schedule an appointment with one of our Business Consultants.

• During our meeting, our Business Consultants will brief you on the application process, the best suited solution and credit facilities for your business based on your needs.

• We will assist you with the submission of your application until approval and disbursement. Approval can take between 2 – 3 weeks, subject to full documentation received. For fund disbursement, it takes about 1 to 3 months after you sign the Letter of Offer.

How It Works

Get started in 4 easy steps.

1. Submit an enquiry
2. Meet our assigned consultant
3. Agree on the proposed business solution
4. Get your funds upon approval

Fill up the form

Please allow 2 to 4 weeks* for the assessment, submission, and approval of your application.
If approved, disbursement takes about 1 to 3 months upon signing of the Letter of Offer.
Every client is important to us and we do our best to meet the estimated timeline.

* Subject to the credit facility proposed and applied for, processing time may take longer or shorter.

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