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Strategic Partner: SG Cash N Cars

SG Cash N Cars is the subject matter expert in the area of car loans and vehicle financing solutions. Whether it is for cars, or commercial vehicles such as buses, lorries, trucks or van loans, we confidently say to you can place your trust in SG Cash N Cars to be a willing, helpful and dependable partner to find you the solution you need.

SG Cash N Cars specializes in obtaining loans for cars and commercial vehicles and has done loans for those who need car financing since 2013.

These are some value-added services which you will find them helpful.

Value-added Services

Car purchase from a direct seller – when you spot a willing seller letting go of a vehicle you would like to purchase (not being sold through a dealer), or if a dealer is willing to allow you do take a loan from elsewhere for the vehicle due to situations such as “no income proof” for which they are not able to secure you a loan.

COE Renewal Loan for Cars – they also help owners who are keen to renew their car’s COE with a loan for another ten years of driving, as well as advise on whether the car is worth renewing. Ask for handy tips on where to best maintain your car that is coming up for renewal, they would be glad to oblige.

COE Renewal Loan for Commercial Vehicles – Commercial vehicles renewed are at a substantially lower yearly depreciation than brand new, giving your business additional profit. Something that is worth considering!

Car Refinancing – Cars are an asset that you did not think to leverage on for some additional cash flow in your business, SG Cash N Cars can make this possible for you to free up some funds.

As well as the necessary car insurance to go along with your vehicle transaction, SG Cash N Cars is able to assist in insurance not only for everyday cars but also difficult cases such as sports cars, classic cars and buses.

With much experience in helping with difficult cases whether with loans or car insurance, as well as the willingness to look for a solution, SG Cash N Cars is your best help when it comes to vehicle financing needs.

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