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Key Reasons Why SMEs in Singapore Need Working Capital Loan

Before going deep into why businesses will need a SME Working Capital Loan.Understanding what is a working capital loan?A working capital loan is a loan that is set to for financing the daily operations of a company. This can be used to cover for the product development, rental, accounts payable, and the employees’ salaries. It

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Ways SMEs Can Access Working Capital through Government-assisted Scheme

Running an SME in Singapore is challenging. High rental costs, tight manpower market and no easy access to bank financing are some of the pertinent challenges most SME owners face when trying to scale their operations. The only viable option to help Singaporean SME businesses is through the help of the SME working capital loan.Heading

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Understanding SMEs needs for Business Loan

As a SME owner, it is not uncommon for you to visit the banks. Particularly so when it comes to taking out commercial bank loans such as SME Working Capital Loan by EnterpriseSG or in-house business loans in Singapore. Businesses take out loans due to a variety of reasons, and business loans can come from several sources such

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What are the business consultancy services?

Most business consultancy firms will always try NOT to reference the word “problem”, but instead, use the word “opportunities” to connote a positive or enhance value. You can ask any consultant what they do and they will likely answer you with, “I am in the solutions business.” Despite the negativity that associates with business consultants, they

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How to Lower Risks When Starting a Business in Singapore

When it comes to choosing a place to start your business, Singapore is top of mind in Asia not only for its tax incentives but also for its world-class infrastructure and ease of doing business. Having said that, there are still risks involved in business no matter where you choose to set it up and

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4 FAQs: How to obtain an SME Loan

Not having enough capital is probably one of the major problems that keeps a business from growing simply because you are going to need more money in order to expand your operations. Fortunately, companies can secure an SME loan in Singapore, which is still one of the best options when it comes to getting the

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